Collect moments, not things

By Debs.

We all like having new stuff, who doesn’t? Buying new clothes, or the latest gadget does give a momentary high, but this only lasts a short while, and so the need grows and never really ends. Ego can creep in and before you know it you are competing with others over who’s got the best phone, car, house, LIFE!


I want to show our children that life is not always about an accumulation of material things or about comparing yourself to others and putting such restrictions on your own happiness. Far greater possessions are those memories and experiences made.

Daniel our eldest who is 5 next week has the most amazing memory. His ability to recall events from over a year and more ago never ceases to amaze me but more amazing is the details that he remembers.

“Remember when Daddy broke down in the car and the AA van came with two flashing lights on. The man mended the car, it needed a battery – that’s the big box black box under the bonnet. You can open the bonnet with the black bar thats pulls out from the thingy. Then you just shut it closed and you’re done. The AA man was called David just like my Daddy. He was a nice man to help us wasn’t he?”

We try to be time-rich rather than money-rich. Giving them all the latest stuff and then not being around so we can scrabble to pay for it all versus spending as much time together as possible. It’s a no brainer.

I don’t want to miss a single second of this amazing time, watching our two boys grow up, explore, learn and most of all appreciate life for the special gift it really is. Then pass it on to their children…

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