Sometimes it’s the simple things

Children love toys.

Our two beautiful boys have hours and hours of fun playing, imagining creating, and pretending. None of this involves the latest must-have toy or game. They can come from the simplest of ideas like “cushion mountain” to a sudden pull of a funny face to cause the other to laugh uncontrollably.

They do also of course have toys, such as this Playmobil set-up, below, with which our Daniel loves playing with his best mate Max, whose family are also taking off in a motorhome after selling their house. I asked Daniel the other day what game they were playing and he replied: “The motorhome is waiting for the fairy to take it to Spain.” (I suppose in many ways a ferry does have magical powers that can whisk us all off to magical places…)

BqEfYHYIMAAeHmb.jpg-large - Version 2

And it’s Daniel’s birthday coming up. We are going for an experience present at the excellent Crealy Great Adventure Park near Exeter with Max, his parents and a couple of other best friends. However, there will also be toys. I recently suggested Daniel stick some stickers on the pages of a toy brochure whenever there was a toy he liked, and you guessed it…


But we like that our boys and their friends love such as wandering in nature. At the weekend after enjoying lunch in the garden (thank you British weather for that!) Daniel suggested we go for a walk with Mr Colin Dog. That he enjoys the simple pleasure of a walk is awesome!

As we walked along the track not far from our house there came a squeal of delight from Darley and urgent calls to come: “Look Look Look!”

Had he found a million pounds? Had he found the latest games console? Had he found the most desirable and expensive plastic toy in the world?

It was a grasshopper, and he was completely engrossed, an exciting and amazing little creating just sitting there; he could hop at any moment, his little stick legs that looked like they wouldn’t get him a millimetre off the floor, then whoosh off he goes.

The afternoon was taken over by the greatest grasshopper hunt ever recorded, excitedly tiptoeing through the grass hoping to find that next one.

Sometimes it’s the simple things. But, perhaps, in a world of adverts and technology, we forget that. We didn’t find another grasshopper, but it was fun anyway and so we didn’t care.

Here are two grasshoppers.


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