♫♪ Our house, in the middle of your street ♫♪

So this is us posing in the street on a trip in a Swift Escape 686…

IMG_8593 - Version 2
And this is going to be the handsome rear of our new home for the next few months, a smiling Swift Escape 696 (see here for more info: swiftgroup.co.uk/motorhomes/escape/escape-range ). We think it’s very cool with a double bed above the cab and bunk beds at the back, not to mention all mod cons. Motorhomes are so plush these days that an increasing number known as “full-timers” are taking to living in them, you guessed it, full-time. We’re just tingling from imagining some of the “back garden” views we’re going to have out of that window above the smily Escape logo. And maybe one morning you might find us parked up in a street near you. (Don’t worry, we won’t block your view, but we do love coffee and apple juice…)

Of course, in this extraordinary modern age we live in we can even get wireless while on the road and so stay in touch and navigate the world, even if we are remote. There are bike racks and solar panels and all manner of exciting and practical accessories we can add in time. And whatever happened to those windscreen stickers that read the name of the driver and passenger – anyone remember those from the 1980s? Maybe we’ll get one of those anyway – “Dave Debs” on the windscreen, on the right side window “Dan Dar”, and on the left side window “Mr Colin Dog”. Brilliant! Although we also wouldn’t mind this accessory in yellow and red, below, added on one day…

4 thoughts on “♫♪ Our house, in the middle of your street ♫♪

  1. Great example for your kids, they will remember this for the rest of their life’s, good luck and a safe journey, wish I was with you. Xxx


  2. I do love the fact that your van is a ‘Swift Escape’, because it seems that’s exactly what you are doing! Looking forward to continuing to read your adventures. Especially those of Colin the Collie. What a cool name for a dog. 🙂


    1. Hi Anne, Thank you so much – yep, Swift Escape is an ideal name. As for Colin the collie we’ll let him know – he’ll be delighted! More blogs from him soon, he’s been a bit busy recently chasing a frisbee! 🙂 XxxX


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