Believe – and you will achieve!

Presently here we are waiting for our new motorhome to be ready for the journey. We should be setting off in the next couple of weeks, but while we wait there’s still plenty of organising to do. And time for a little reflection on what is actually happening, how a thought has become an amazing reality.

So over the past three years we had a few ideas, put them together in our minds – and this project to see our brilliant family and friends and inspire others to do so with their brilliant people, and raise funds for charity – was finally born just a few weeks ago. Some ideas still come and it develops, but generally the whole came together in early September. However, for it to move from those initial ephemeral thoughts to solid reality required belief – and both Debs and I believe wholeheartedly in what we’re doing. With that belief we’ve spoken to others, and they wholeheartedly believe in it now too.

It helps that when the Face2Facebook idea came to us, we had what we’ve described as a “eureka moment” – we knew we’d been granted a very special idea. But even so, if we had taken this idea to others with anything less than absolute enthusiasm and belief it could have gone the way of most ideas, and stayed swirling in our minds, and then pushed to the back until it slowly dissolved to be taken off with us to drift about when we died…

And that would have been a crying pity! When it comes to ideas and creativity we are totally with Michelangelo on why his sculptures were so awesome, and why they and he are still celebrated to this day, 450 years after he passed away. He explained that the beauty, the idea, the art was already there – he just had to be ready to receive and see it.

He said: “The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material. I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.’


Now this month, about the same time that the Face2Facebook project finally materialised in its whole, we became very proud parents: our Daniel has recently had a positive attitude of “believe and achieve” – and learned to ride his little bike without stabilisers! So he has learned to roll on his own wheels while we wait for our wheels to be able to start rolling on our journey.

It is a milestone, an event, something fantastic! In fact he hardly rode his bike with stabilisers which makes it all the more astounding. We got to the park, armed with spanner to put stabilisers on so we could start the weeks – as we let him know it could take – of bike riding lessons. But the nuts were too rusty to move and so I (Daddy) held on to the back of the bike as he pedalled off.

Just before he did though I said to him (and I like to think it had a positive result, but it could just be he’s a natural on two wheels):
“Now, you’ve seen Mummy and Daddy ride their bikes without stabilisers, haven’t you?”
“Yes Daddy,” he nodded, his little space rockets bike helmet nodding with him.
“So do you believe that you can do it too?”
“Yes,” he said intently.

Possibly a future Tour de France and Olympic Gold winner in the making? Wouldn’t that be amazing! Next belief project: getting his little brother Darley to ride a bike, although we first have to teach him to pedal. (But even Bradley Wiggins had to believe and achieve this once…)

And here’s an amusing little excerpt about belief from my ebook *relentlessly me*, published a couple of years ago:

A little while later at lunch, while Debs is changing Darley’s nappy before joining us, Daniel announces to me: “I went to the moon, Daddy.”
I love being called Daddy, being a daddy. Love it, makes my heart flutter every time like a million delicate butterflies are in my chest.
“Oh really. When did you go?”
“When you and Mummy were at the bus station.”
We’ve not been at the bus station for months. Daniel and I are looking at each other, slightly smiling, as if about to start laughing, slightly bemused too I think. So we’ve not been to the bus station for months, and I have an inkling that Daniel’s not been to the moon yet. Probably in his lifetime if he wants to, but not yet.
“Okay,” I say, “so how did you get to the moon?”
“I walked.” He’s smiling now, nearly laughing. Then he pulls his face away, draws back, and looks at me earnestly.
“What was on the moon, Daniel?”
“A car.”
I nod. Maybe there was. I don’t think he’s been to the moon. But he believes he has. Belief is everything. I hope he never loses it, I hope he holds on to it better than I have at times, better than many grown-ups do at times.
I mean, have you ever seen the drunks and junkies and no-hopers on the streets, the pliable people not heading for the moon but for oblivion instead, with its red-angry stormy skies.

Bye for now, thanks again for reading our blog. Enjoy your way, and believe awesomely as you go about it!

Read *relentlessly me* here:

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