All the emotions under the sun…

We are so very nearly there…  just about 72 hours to go until D-A Day – that’s Drive-Away Day!

Then it will be: “Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” Replace “me” with “us” and this Jack Kerouac quote is perfect.

But the preparation has been and still is immense. Trying to negotiate when we can see a couple of hundred people in a few weeks: think organising ten weddings or parties of your own in a fortnight! With two little boys grabbing hold of many vital pieces of paper and running around with them, or posting them somewhere around the house, usually behind one of the radiators. You might know about this if you’ve had or have young children…

As the day we drive away nears, we’ve had all the emotions under the sun… but overall it’s excitement – the Hurst household is buzzing like a thousand Glastonburys and Castlemorton raves put together!

There’s still so much to do. We collected the motorhome, now all completely ready for the road, from Marquis in Plymouth on Saturday after it had made the long trip down from Swift’s HQ in Hull where they’d given it a complete ready-for-the-road checkover. We were so excited we couldn’t sit still! Darley got hold of the keys first of all, and when we got home we put said keys on our special keyring, another great gift from our wonderful friend Cleo. We have only misplaced them once since (“where me keys, where me phone…?”). So far.

IMG_9397 IMG_9466

It drove like a dream, and in it we’ve made a few visits to our close friends close by, and got the face2face and nose2nose photos – they’re lots of fun to do, we hope everyone in the whole world will try it (and raise money for charity in the process of course)!


Then we’ve had our “do-the-business” cards printed up, to leave with everyone we visit to encourage their visits of long-lost friends and family; and we made a dash for last-minute supplies yesterday: the all-important kettle, cups, maps and new bed sheets.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 00.15.13

Then there’s cream tea ingredients for our exciting visit from Kim and Matt of The Camping & Caravanning Club today. See here for what they offer – – everything from booking your campsites for you to arranging motor and travel insurance. These guys have been an amazing help to us so far, both back in March when we took our first venture in a motorhome to Spain; and now when we’re going to live in one for a few months while travelling the UK and Europe. And always the C&CC team does their sterling work with a great sense of the fun and adventure of it all. We like!

Yesterday’s last dash was to get our logos put on the van, to tell the world as we travel what we’re doing and who are our supporters in the venture. Scott and Richard at Mac And Me in Torquay were awesome in making sure they made room for us to get the logos on in time, and a superb job they did. Excellent guys doing excellent work –


So we hope to see many of you soon, on our visits and/or on the road. Your support will help this project raise much-needed Cancer Research UK funds, and we’re grateful for that.

Time to get on, less than 72 hours to go now…

6 thoughts on “All the emotions under the sun…

  1. Sounds like a fun adventure for a great cause. Have a wonderful time. Hope you do find the time to keep the blog updated! Look forward to reading about your trip. Must start a mini one of my own!


  2. I for one can not even begin to imagine the excitement that is going through the Hurst household right now … 🙂
    This is such a brilliant idea .
    For you all, as well as all the lucky people who will get to meet you it will be some experience…!!!
    all the best and love Bertie x


    1. Many thanks Bertie. Hopefully see you while we’re London way… (We may try to kidnap you and take on board with us. Don’t worry we’ll tell your boss, it’ll be fine.) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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