Same but different

So on Saturday we met up with one of David’s very old friends Leon. They have known each other since they were seven – but not seen each other for a long, long time of more than a decade. A fabulous reunion with big bear hugs and loud voices!

Leon’s house is opposite a huge gorgeous village green, complete with playground. Mr Colin Dog and the boys had all clocked this one as we arrived at Leon’s house, so no sooner had we hugged hello than I was being tugged at by the boys (and Colin, and he can be very strong at times!) in the direction of the slides, swings and other delights we may discover in this fenced-in fun area!

I relented and thought I’d give the big boys time to catch up (and get the kettle on) whilst I took the little boys and Mr Colin Dog over the road for a needed run-around.

Colin was delighted to be off the lead and was soon intent on his game of fetch the frisbee, whilst the boys made a beeline for the fenced-in area that they have come to know as a place of play!

The boys zoomed off to a slide and as I came round to the bottom I had to do a double-take. Darley had made a new friend and astonishingly this little boy was the spitting image of our very own Darley. Uncanny is not the word, this handsome little chap was his double! They could have easily been twins. The haircuts, everything exactly the same. My jaw dropped as did the mother of this little cutie. We stood gawping and pointing for a second or two sharing our utter disbelief with each other before we exchanged the amazement that our two little boys were practically copies of each other. The other little boy was about six months younger, a fraction smaller than Darley – but still… Wow!


I guess the universe saw that it had created an amazing individual with Darley and decided to make a copy. I wonder if they will ever meet again as grown-ups?!

I remember seeing the work of Francios Brunelle who had photographed people who are are practically identical but not related, so maybe this is another case study for him …..

Wouldn’t it be fun to go on a journey to find your double. Maybe something for a future Hurst family project!


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