Camaraderie & quack-quacks

Everybody is enjoying this adventure to the max! As a Mummy, I’m delighted – as if the motorhome wasn’t exciting enough for our two boys, the constant travelling and discovering new places to stay each night has been brilliant. The Camping & Caravanning Club has arranged all our campsite stays in a handy list complete with postcodes and phone numbers so it’s been so easy and hassle free. No rummaging for directions or having to remember if we booked the right number of nights. We’ve even amended it a couple of times with them while on the road when we’ve wanted to spend longer with family or realised a different site would give us a better headstart in the morning.


On Tuesday night we were in Boroughbridge in Yorkshire, which was a really lovely site, complete with lovely lovely staff. Did I mention it was quite lovely?! We arrived late (due to an unforeseen event involving a lorry tyre in the fast lane of the A1 that we had to go over!), which was no problem to Ken and Denise at the campsite. They even gave us a pint of milk on arrival so we could make that all important English cup of tea, and the boys had milk for their porridge!

When we woke up we watched as the sun rose (very special moments to be cherished with our wide-eyed boys and Colin who couldn’t wait to get out for his sniff around and walk) over this very spacious well laid out site to reveal… Yes! Ah ha, the all-important slide and swings. The boys were hardly out of their pyjamas before scrabbling for their shoes to leg it over there!


As we opened the motorhome door – DUCKS! All the sites have been in totally picturesque locations. In fact this was the fourth site with a beautiful river or pond and with resident ducks door eagerly looking for food.

A friendly neighbour even called over to the boys – he had some bread for the ducks and asked if they would to feed them. “Yes!” shouted Darley at the top of his voice, running towards the neighbour with the bread! Everybody is in a great mood on the campsites (and they are still quite busy in a relaxed way, considering it’s late October in England… much to do with the irresistible settings and camping experience plus that modern-day motorhomes and caravans are cosy even on colder mornings).

We’ve made lots of new friends on this trip to visit old friends. There’s a shared sense of camaraderie among the camping community, everyone revelling in the freedom and enjoying being out in the open air.

Then the best discovery for me was a built-in baby bath in the family room. Poor Darley is not a big fan of showers so the last few hair-wash experiences have been coupled with a few tears although it’s getting better – so we were both delighted to find this built-in raised waist-level bath. He had a lovely warm bubble bath. “Look look! I in the bath Mummy!” He repeated several times as if it was the first time he’d ever experienced this amazing aqua phenomenon!

So after baths, playing, ball games with Colin and laundry done (again excellent facilities!) we hit the road – via the wonderful Angel of the North sculpture – to meet my dear friends Glen and Lisa and their children Zachary, Malachi and Grace. Glen and I worked together more than 10 years ago – and the last time I saw him was at my wedding in 2005.


As it’s been with all our lovely people, we just picked up where we left off except we now have children, who all got on fabulously and played together beautifully while we chatted. I watched them giggle hysterically while jumping around on the trampoline, new friends made within a matter of minutes and fun had by all of them.

No sooner were we two minutes up the road than Daniel was asking anxiously when he will see his new friends again. Malakai was such a sweet boy playing games with them and giving Daniel a toy lorry from his collection to keep.


Daniel fell asleep on the way from theirs to our new campsite at Bellingham in Northumberland with this toy lorry clutched tightly in his little hand. Darley (aka Catman!) was quite taken with a cuddly cat by the name of Jess, and Gracie decided Jess would like to live with Darley from now on. Likewise this is being gripped tightly while he dreams of all things feline! They also very kindly made us all a very hearty meal in their very beautiful home (followed by ice cream much to Daniel’s delight!) and we really didn’t want to leave…

In fact, not for the first time, we arrived at our Camping And Caravanning Club campsite much later then anticipated, but as ever a friendly face was there to greet us as we pulled up in this very dark forest in deep Northumberland. So far it seems The Camping And Caravanning Club work hard to ensure a great level of service is consistent throughout their sites. I just wish we could spend longer exploring them, but alas on this trip we have places to go and our people to see!

In the morning we went to the campsite shop to discover locally baked bread and eggs on offer (sausages and bacon also available, but as we are all veggies it would only interest Colin!) to set us up for the very long drive ahead of us today. Into Scotland!

I wonder what the next sunrise will bring us all? If it’s anything like the last two week’s sunrises we’re in for even more wonderful memories from the moment we wake up… 🙂

IMG_0246IMG_0253 IMG_0264IMG_0249

2 thoughts on “Camaraderie & quack-quacks

  1. Another great report! I’m really enjoying reading them.

    Just one comment I hope you won’t mind (& of course needn’t publish!), but I notice you’re not unwinding your hookup lead but leaving the excess length of it wound on the holder under your motorhome. You should really unwind the lead and leave it loosely underneath because tight coiled leads can overheat and cause a fire. It’s a small risk, but with two young children in your van (not to mention Colin and yourselves) I just thought I should mention it as you may not be aware of this risk. I’m not meaning to be pushy.

    C&CC info also states that all mains hookup leads must be fully uncoiled to prevent overheating.


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