Home is where the heart is…


“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”
― Gary Snyder



If, like us, your childhood memories of campsites are of a wet muddy field with a cold leaky shed for a loo, then think again – they have moved on very much with the times. Now, almost every one we’ve stayed on has been like a beautiful park which happen to have spaces for motorhomes, caravans and tents, in the most stunning settings, such as by a river, lake, surrounded by mountains or right beside the sea.

IMG_3028Ninety-five per cent of the campsites we’ve stayed on have been owned by or approved by The Camping & Caravanning Club (C&CC) to meet certain standards. This includes great shower blocks, hot water for washing up, laundry services, sparkling clean toilet blocks, decent sized parking spaces (and on this, we’ve noticed that motorhomes are far more popular than caravans these days), playgrounds and often swimming pools too.

photoThose we’ve stayed at that are not approved by C&CC might have their certain charms too, but we’ve had to, for instance, fill up our washing-up bowl with hot water from a shower before carrying it to the (cold water only!) washing-up sinks. In our experience these sites have been a bit more rough round the edges.

The communities on the road are amazing too – for instance, we never knew there were so many northern Europeans spending months over the winter in sunny Spain! There are literally tens of thousands enjoying their freedom and the sunshine. They make the campsites truly international – and our little boys now know how to say hello in German, French, Dutch, Swedish and Finnish as well as of course Spanish (in fact their Spanish is coming along very well: it was a delight to see our Daniel, aged 5, learning Spanish from a 10-year-old Spanish girl yesterday).

On the road as a family we’ve watched every sunrise and sunset together – it’s a fantastic feeling and privilege.


We’ve been on the road now for long enough that our motorhome feels pretty much like home. This past week we’ve spent some great days relaxing in Torrox, Nerja and Torre del Mar, a coastal region we felt at home at as soon as we arrived.






And we’ve seen some amazing motorhomes as we’ve travelled and some settled on the campsites have put up little lamps, plants and even small garden gates (that are usually left open!). The Christmas decorations on some of the motorhomes have been astounding too.

Then there are the non-mobile homes we’ve seen as we’ve visited our friends and family, with many kindly inviting us in. All have been filled with something you cannot truly see from a photograph on Facebook – and that is love.

IMG_3199Then there was this very different one where we were invited to lunch – a home and art in one!



We loved it, and F was a fantastic host and cook.

We love Spain for so many reasons, and one is that there really is a feeling of the world living and enjoying life to the max here. And now we’re at a fantastic campsite – La Sierrecilla – just 30 minutes inland from Malaga that needs to be seen if you’re ever on the road.


This world of motorhome travelling/holidays is definitely a growing passion, one you should definitely try if you haven’t. We can vouch that as a family holiday it’s just the best ever, but as we’ve a seen people of all ages travelling and smiling away in their motorhomes we can only assume it’s something that’s brilliant whatever your age.

There’s something unbeatable about camping, sleeping and waking in nature and enjoying what it gives you every day – the ultimate freedom. Give it a go, life is for living!IMG_3318

















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