Go your own way!

IMG_1863Christmas at a campsite in southern Spain was special and different. Debs had many childhood Christmases on sunny beaches in Spain when she lived here but I never have, neither of course have our boys or Mr Colin Dog. It was always going to be a different Christmas after losing my father three weeks ago. I was glad to be away from the familiar and an empty chair.

IMG_3390 IMG_3481IMG_2563So it was great to wake up among the Christmas lights adorning most of the motorhomes on Cabopino campsite, then after opening presents – left in stockings on the bunk-bed ladders by a clever Santa who came in our motorhome using his magic dust – and scoffing breakfast we walked down the two mins to the beach, on the way wishing other happy campers Happy Christmas, as well as in Spanish in English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish and French.

IMG_2834IMG_3484We’d already seen some traditional Spanish Christmas festivities, when Daniel got to hold a goat to his amazement. Then we saw a Christmas star(fish) on the beach, and on Christmas Eve some beautiful Christmassy pine trees backed by the best lights ever as the sun set awesomely.IMG_3445


On Christmas Day we sat in Andy’s beach bar while the boys played happily with children from the above nationalities and more, the whole scene like a happy summer’s holiday weekend in England, without the maddening crowds or excess of beer. It was fun in the sun – and I think I’m done with cold Christmases!

Now we are heading Tarifa way towards Portugal after a great stay at Cabopino campsite, our second time here on this Face2Facebook trip.

photo 1photo 2IMG_3338IMG_4083IMG_3219Back on the road, we’ll undoubtedly see some more of the excellent Spanish roundabouts – almost every one in the whole country has art or great plant displays or some other outstanding feature.


The campsite we’re on Tarifa way will take us into a New Year, with new directions to choose, on the road as we travel more, and in life.


Life is a fantastic rollercoaster journey. We wish you all inspiration to live it in the way that you’re meant to, to be the person you’re supposed to be. There may be many choices, many routes to choose, but stay true to yourself – follow your heart, take perhaps the road less travelled, and you’ll find there’s really only one way.

Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “Go your own way!

  1. It looks fantastic David. Glad you are having such great adventures, you all deserve it. Long may it continue, it must be a big help during your time of grief. Give my best to Debs and the boys. Very best wishes for 2015, keep safe and travel well. Rob and Cathy xx


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