The great outdoors!

IMG_7812As a mum, riding instructor and having also worked in a pre-school, I’ve observed how children naturally play and interact together – with an increased enthusiasm and interest when playing outdoors or even when outdoor play is mentioned.

IMG_7847We frequently steer our choices of activities to wherever our two little boys Daniel, 5, and three-year-old Darley’s ever-developing thirst for knowledge might lead us.

IMG_7867A recent hour’s drive from our tranquil Spanish campsite base at Cabopino (pictured above) allowed us to astonish at the amazing limestone rock formations of Torcal de Antequera.

IMG_6335 IMG_6337

Then the Dolmens of Viera and Menga (the largest such structure in Europe).


And the hairpin mountain roads with astounding views, the beauty of Spring all around us – whether we were up high on the winding roads or at ground level on foot.


IMG_7811Spring was most definitely in the air!

IMG_7819With the aim of discovering something new and astonishing, we’ve not had an unsuccessful day out yet. Along with seeing some of the most amazing sights from aquariums to palaces, some of my favourite days have been discovering new things with my brilliant boys from such as a walk or spontaneous stop when we’ve spotted a castle on a drive in our good old Swift Escape motorhome.

IMG_6032Want to give it a go?

1. Get Helping.

While camping, involving children in everyday campsite jobs develops their problem-solving and social skills. Children can feel like big players in the team – such as putting up our Outwell awning is a fun activity for everyone.

IMG_70502. Get Active.

Promoting an active lifestyle from an early age by developing movement will have a huge influence later in life. Opportunities for new activities to be tried out; milestones in swimming, bike riding and watersports – these all build self-confidence.


3. Get out!

People surrounded by green natural space have less illness than those away from nature (see David’s article in Psychologies magazine for more). And when camping and in the outdoors you’re more likely to eat fresh local food too.


4. Get Sleep.

Now we’ve been living the camping lifestyle, our bodies have tuned into nature’s time clock. Camping really opens up the skies, giving us glorious sunrises and sunsets and constantly reminding us that there are amazing clouds, sunsets and an astonishing array of stars.


Widening our children’s vision in all ways in our wonderful world is a gift all parents and carers can give. Treasure your part in this.


See the full version of this piece with more photos of our adventures at: There’s loads more interesting camping/getting outdoors information here too. 



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