* We’re Debs and David with our two brilliant boys Daniel and Darley, aged five and three, plus Mr Colin Dog (a lively collie!) that loves travelling together and seeing our children learn by astonishment! We’re on a journey in our motorhome to visit people, places and things that have the wow factor and that will educate by astonishment. Sticking to the British National Curriculum subjects we see it as a fun way of learning – one that will be amazing, memorable and as exciting as anything on earth!

We’ll be donating to UNICEF for every astonishing person, place or thing we specifically set out to see. If you do something similar with your children, why not incorporate the life lesson that thinking of and giving to others is the best way of happy living.

* We’ll also be carrying on with our Face2Facebook Project when we pass close to friends and family. This all started when in autumn/winter 2014 we went on an adventurous challenge to Face2Facebook as many as possible of our friends and family who we’d not seen for too long. We downsized our house in order to help afford our lovely Swift Escape 696 motorhome – and then lived this excellent adventure to visit as many of these amazing people as possible.

For each person we visited we donated £2 to a cancer charity. We then put forward that person to “Face2Facebook” a friend or family member they’d not seen for at least a year, who they should do their best to visit within the next fortnight and show their support by continuing the £2 charity donation or forfeit at least £4.

For every person visited a face-to-face (or nose-to-nose!) photo was posted on this blog. (We think photos in sepia or mono work the best to give a nostalgic feel and stand out.) We hope this F2FB “friendship & family fiesta” will spread to do a whole lot of good – and make the world go round with love!

Special human bonds and relationships should be cherished. It’s what life is about.

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  1. Please give me a shout when you are in the Malaga region. We run a popular family blog and Facebook page. http://www.familylifeinspain.com and https://www.facebook.com/FamilyLifeInSpain . I’m sure we could help raise awareness in this area and get some local media attention if you are interested. I’m sharing your journey on social media so we should get some more people contacting you.
    Have a fantastic time and hats off to you 🙂
    Lisa & the Sadleir Family in Spain


  2. We’re currently travelling around Europe too!!! 101 days of travelling so far. In our Swift Escape we have our 2 children and we all love home schooling! Email us when you are in Italy! We’ve just arrived in San Remo after touring France, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Andorra, Monaco, and now Italy!!! Best of luck. Clare and Ed


    1. Wow Clare and Ed, your trip sounds amazing – an inspiration to us! Would love to meet up on the road – and we’re just heading to Spain in about a week maybe Italy at some point soon too. Will have a look at your blog. Much love and happy travelling! XxxX 🙂


    2. Hi Clare, we are doing a dummy run to France for three weeks in the summer to see how we get along travelling with our seven year old in the van! If all goes well we are looking to plan a much longer trip for a year or so. I’ve been looking for families doing this and would to hear how you are going along especially with regard to education if you children are school age! Take care and enjoy!


      1. Hi Becky, not sure if this is for us as there’s no Clare here! But our experience regarding educating our boys is we think excellent, with keeping along with Key Stage levels as provided by Daniel’s school to be be, and on a wider scale of learning languages, self- confidence, geographical awareness, knowing about nature and the great outdoors – plus a knowing that the world is an amazing place with overall kind and lovely people in it. We as a family are together too, which is very important. Our blogs will give you a good idea of some if the things we’re all learning. Go for it! 😊😊😊😊🐶🚐


  3. hello to you, your family is going to du what many of us are only dreaming about doing but doesnt have enough courage to ..so have a wonderful experience reach with adventurers and broad-minded ..well done on the decision. travel safe .


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