For Education By Astonishment we want to continue the valuable lesson that our boys learned during the Face2Facebook Project (that we’ll still continue as we pass close to friends) – that giving is a gift; that some people are not as fortunate as us; and that, as a person, helping others is a natural thing to do. So for this we are donating some money to UNICEF – the international charity that works for children’s rights, survival, development and protection – every time we specifically visit a person, place or thing that educates by astonishment. We think this is a good thing to do, and encourage you to do so too every time you specifically set out to see a person, place or thing that educates by astonishment. You could of course choose your own charitable cause, but if you want to give your gift to UNICEF here’s its UK website:

And for people from outside the UK, the charity’s international website is here:

For the Face2Facebook Project:
Let someone know they’re special to you, maybe someone you’ve not seen for too long – make the effort, go see them: it’s the best feeling in the world! Then you can donate your £2 to Cancer Research UK by texting FOTO50 £2 (or whatever amount you decide to give) to 70070 – or click on this link:

We’d love to see your face2face or nose2nose photos posted on Facebook. Thank you for helping.


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